Bio sauna

Bio sauna

Bio sauna

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bio sauna and the operating temperature of about 50/60 ° and does not exceed 55/60% max, does not cause fatigue. Adhering aromatic essences and chemotherapy. We add anti-stress and wellness function! The Humidity is generally a bit higher at about fifty percent and this means that while less aggressive. Your body will still perspire with a bio sauna.

What are the benefits

A blessing for body and soul, a natural remedy for relaxation of our physical and energetic. Halfway between a Turkish bath and parlor style sauna, bio sauna is the ideal treatment for those who can not stand high temperatures and high humidity.

Bio sauna design

The beneficial

and relaxing effects are felt by the body. Bio sauna also brings the benefit of cardiovascular benefit.


also is good to circulatory system is continually stimulated by heat and cold stimuli. Causing expansion and shrinkage of the surface arteries and capillaries.


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