Effimera beauty wellness spa franchise

Effimera beauty wellness spa franchise

The beauty franchise that can revolutionize the market

Do not waste time and be an Effimera Beauty Wellness Spa affiliate


Effimera has been producing and designing since 2014 Turkish baths, spa centers, spa, saunas, salt caves, beauty centers as well as decorative and cosmetic equipment, hairdressers, hair removal and more. As a result of much professional work in accommodation facilities, gyms, hotels, wellness centers and spa in Italy expand into the Italian market as well.

The advantages

Effimera now has dozens of executed and still running projects.

Designs cosmetic and spa centers and manufactures professional equipment for all the aesthetics and wellness operators. To date, the brand wants to offer its own turnkey format to all those who wish to enter this sector with the full support of a brand that can offer design, design, and delivery of everything needed to start-up and run ‘activities.

The affiliate effimera acquires knowledge with the company that will result in the initiation business and store.

The brand boasts dynamism, quality customer support, market knowledge and customer targeting as well as 360 ° marketing support technologically advanced and secure equipment.

Choosing the franchise Effimera means getting quality products, design and a select and exclusive price. Effimera is booming and aims to open other stores in Italy and Europe soon.

The franchise

With the affiliation to the brand, they have included: Market analysis, comparison of customer needs, management and marketing of the new opening center, promotion and management tools and devices and Effimera brand basics. It is our primary goal obtained from our customers, recognition of high professionalism in the beauty wellness spa sectors.

Our ideal affiliates:

The beautician who wishes to start his (her) business, the entrepreneur and businesswoman. This person has a reference in technical and commercial management with a high professional quality! In terms of investments, the effimera group uses agreements with operating leases and financial groups that support the economic investment of the company project, in the pre-contract phases to meet the needs and guarantees feasibility of the project.

The ideal affiliates of Effimera store beauty wellness will have to have good relationships with customers, skills with the public, opening to new projects, excellent motivations as business leaders.


Permanent technical support, trade promotion support and corporate reputation of the effimera brand
starting and opening consultancy and analysis of the premises for opening, basic design, technical support, training at the owner of the new business, sales plan for the new effimera store. Communication and marketing activities, support for the best financing. Affiliation to the Effimera beauty wellness spa website and its social networks & Partners.

 Franchising Option

SILVER Effimera Beauty Wellness; Area min. 35 sqm (3 cabins)

  1. No.1. All-Inclusive Effimera Reception
  2. No. 3. Cabinet Decoration
  3. No.1. IPL with intense pulsed Light
  4. No.1. Massage equipment
  5. No.1. Aesthetic Equipment Kit – Nail Set + Products

GOLD Effimera Beauty Wellness Area min. 50 sqm (4 cabins) Ref. 8000 residents

  1. No 1. Effimera All Inclusive Reception
  2. N ° 4. Cabins Furnishings
  3. No 1. IPL with intense pulsed Light
  4. .1. Presso Massage device
  5. N.1 Single radio frequency and equipment
  6. No.1. Aesthetic Equipment Kit – Nail Set + Products

DIAMONDS Effimera Beauty Wellness Area Surface: 70 sqm (5 cabins) Exclusive Market Area Ref. 13000 Residents

  1. No.1. Effimera All Inclusive Reception
  2. No. 5. Cabinet furniture
  3. No.1. Laser Diode Equipment
  4. N.1 Pressure Equipment
  5. N.1. Monopolar Radio Frequency Equipment
  6. N1. Aesthetic Equipment Kit
  7. Nails Set + Products
  8. N.1. Handcrafted Sauna cm 200 x 150 x 205 alt.


PLATINUM AESTHETIC AND WELLNESS; Area min. 95 sqm (7 cabinets) Ref. 20000 residents

  1. No.1. Effimera All Inclusive Reception
  2. No. 7. Cabins Furnishings
  3. N1. Aesthetic set + nails + products
  4. No.1. Laser diode Machine
  5. N.1. radio-frequency monopole device
  6. N.1 Pressomassage equipment
  7. No.1. Handcrafted Sauna cm 200 x 150 x 205 alt.
  8. N.1. Turkish bath cm 200 x 200 x 240 alt
  9. Hydromassage Jacuzzi cm 160 x 150

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