Hot tub jacuzzi

Hot tub jacuzzi

Upgrade your home with a new spa from effimera beauty wellness Spa UK supplier, home and professional

superior performance and provides a regenerating oasis in a commercial & home environment. Ideal for intensive use, every model in the range professional spas been designed to create a beautiful and elegant addition to any shared wellness area. The professional collection of spas offer advanced features designed to reduce maintenance such as quick drain reduce cleaning team, quartz sand filters which have a longer lifespan than traditional cassette filters, and pumps and filters positioned up to 6 meters away from the hot tub installation Ensuring a quiet environment to relax for any user.

 Hot Tub Flow

Hot Tub Jacuzzi

Professional and home

A skillful classic geometries game, with a circular base, screwed up embeds City ™ Spa Jacuzzi.
The spa designed to measure the domestic environment and dedicated to urban spaces, from a functional object dedicated to well-being transformed into a luxurious design icon, keeping the technology performance and the incomparable Jacuzzi flow.

Hot tub jacuzzi

2 person diameter 224 cm 200 X 200 X 81 X 224 cm
2 chairs (1 lounge)
20 vents
LED control panel
Light System – Multicolor (1)
Audio System with Bluetooth
Floating skimmer
Clear Ray ™
Pump 1 speed (1)
circulation pump
draining shell
Finishing top – Platin (faux leather)
protection element for outdoor installation
Winter Pro Kit (optional) contact us in the link

City Spa

City Spa

Hot Tub Jacuzzi professional and home

City Spa  ushers in a new home wellness dimension, where design and leading technology combine to a multi sensory experience of total comfort. With two lounge chairs and whirlpool jets positioned at 30 °, provides, in just 2.4 square meters.

Sharing a real professional hydro massage and treatment of a real spa, both indoors and outdoors, its compact size and reducing floor loading and will be installed anywhere and is the ideal solution, either at home or in small health centers or shared areas of the hotel.

  • Dimensions 160 X 150 X 75 cm
  • Form square
  • Installation
  • recessed
  • Free-standing
  • Massage type; Legs and feet
  • Use; Relax
  • Number of person 2 people

Product Features

  • – Indoor installation
  • – Outdoor installation
  • – 2 sessions (1 lounge)
  • – 20 vents
  • – LED Control Panel
  • – Light System – Multi color (1)
  • – Audio System with Bluetooth (standard depending on version)
  • – With heater (standard depending on version)
  • – Floating Skimmer
  • – Clear Ray ™
  • – Pump speed 1 (1)
  • – Circulation pump
  • – Shell-draining
  • – Winter Pro Kit (optional)


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