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outdoor saunas

What is a bio sauna?

Bio sauna is a gentle solution for those who find Finnish sauna too hot

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cabin, or in any other form Commonly used in Finland use fur beads or heat-treated birch in the oven to resist outside. It is an increase in thickness, the proper roof comes with the right slope, or by high mountain Mediterranean climateWith installations in the garden, terraces, or raised levels of attics or buildings back garden and more, effimera indoor or outdoor project allow you to relax whilst taking in the beauty of your natural surroundings, like traditional sauna made primarily of wood.

Our sauna comes with a variety of sizes and styles Wood or timber “decking” Its used in many ways: as part of garden landscaping, to extend living areas in your of houses.

Choosing a high-quality sauna

Italian design allows you to enjoy the fresh air outdoors in your own back garden, spaces like your home is the perfect place the outdoor model. We use the best wood materials available to build our sauna. Sauna standard for up to two people and large exterior that are suitable for up to four people.

We can supply you the sauna alone or install those saunas and make sure your sauna installation is correct. CONTACT US.