Per4mer 4 in 1 machine

Per4mer 4 in 1 machine

Per4mer 4 in 1 machine

The machine that will give you the feasibility of doing 4 treatments with one machine.

AR 82 Per4Mer: Effects massage vacuum, radio frequency, photostimulation Bioled, cryotechnology, hot cold


The endoderm is vacuüm massage particularly effective in reducing cellulite and eliminating since it helps to “wrap” the their tissues and to counteract relaxation.


Technology Enhances the effectiveness of other technologies with Which it is required since light absorbed by mitochondria (Resulting Increased metabolic activity of the cells), the volume of adipocytes angiograms.


denaturation due to temperature entails an immediate Increase new “tension” of the fibers, with an effect of contraction and relaxation that puts into motion the original elasticity, as well as “forcing” tissues into the production of new collagen replacement Deteriorated old and, elastic and hyaluronic acid, dermal Facilitating Increased density That Improves the look of relaxed skin.

4. CRYO:

The cryolite treatment to combat cellulite by reducing edema and stimulating blood circulation; Cooling one certain area of the body stimulates the brain to send more blood to keep up the heat balance in the tissues chilled. By combining the cryo treatment with radio frequency it is possible to fully exploit their potential since any overheating sensations.

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A technology where the customer enjoys the best performance of the machine. The machine focuses on 4 different treatments