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Planning design & style, ergonomics, knowledge of technologies and applications, presentation project feasibility analysis, budget consulting, market comparison, technical team installers, operators at 360 ° continuous management in each phase of work, General building management, Service,

Start-up & Management


Open Day for Start-up, Management Consulting theoretical practice for new activity starting, trained to use the equipment and facilities, business planning, organizing promotions, creating corporate events



Realizations for professional and private use of products and technological applications with quality, durability and performance from commercial use. Upgrading and innovation, use of components and materials for public use, attention to detail and high quality finishes.



Effimera Hair Max Professional Dryer: experience know-how in the field of Hair stylist,in action on the professional demands of the industry, it optimizes the quality and design, encased in professional.In products distribution in Italy the brand Ephemera Hair Max Professional already receives an excellent response from customers ..

Beauty device


Effimera beauty device & beauty salon equipment, technology and components made in Italy. Special area reserved for these products, here Ephemeral beauty focuses its excellent level of experience and use of materials, technologies, project-design, operational training and new market developments Beware the demands of operators and end users, the company follows the steps trade since the pre-sales, to installation, after-sales service always reliable helpful with any request. 



Interior architecture, design objects and spaces used for commercial or private arrangement sizing furnishings, upgrades to new destinations.Report energy consumption, comfort and analysis harmonies environments. Artisans hand Made in Italy



Wedding List, bold proposal to have a wellness area in your home,that remains forever! The spa area, sauna, turkish bath, whirlpool, fitness area, beauty equipment. We think of everything in the construction phase of your home or while you’re on honeymoon, design and render will show you how they will made environments, systems and structures built-in the course of work or renovation, with savings on the last costs. you give the list to your guests 

Contract-Project Management


Effimera brand contract: his work here is project management. The design is very important because this largely depends on the value of the contract! Dynamism and flexibility are essential to sustain tight deadlines and large amounts of work to the best costs in the market for this contract the firm does not produce everything in it, but makes outsourcing. In the “turnkey project” involving multiple stakeholders, Ephemeral Contract talks with: architecture, developer of real estate projects, land owners, general contractor or interior

interior design


Effimera beauty wellness spa products technologies and equipment, completely manufactured in Italy. The task forces will carry out production, structural design and technique. The route takes advantage of the new trends in design to future trends, while remaining strongly related to technical knowledge of the past. Craftsmen installers increases the raise standards of the products, research studies lead us to check the best techniques, perfect materials , creating the following products of Italian design.



Qualified and professional team, particularly attentive to the customer, operates with the utmost competence and specialization.
Who selects the range of our products deserves attention from the team effimera, always available to support commercial improve performance of our customers through: Assistance throughout the Italian and foreign markets through the local operators. Training on cosmetic products, beauty equipment installed in centers or hair stylist, training across the board or wellness salon and spa operators.



Effimera Marketing: Strategies directed to a marketing organization, creation, communication, self-explanatory. The management and work together with the client seeks to get commercial benefits and an increase in interest for their businesses Advertising & Press: The customer will take the brand advantage of durability of products. Ephemera targeted promotional campaigns are underway in the major Social and Web newspapers and TV. The use of testimonials in the short and the upcoming collaboration with press offices, will lead to a continued presence of the brand in a global context



Business to business service sector dedicated to professionals of all categories, Your profession or craft own experience, can also be required to our group. For your home or for your customers, you can get our products .In according with us if we needs your services or change to change in goods,this strategy is to satisfy your local market with Italian products but without expansive cost of installation.

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