Diode laser hp hair removal

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Diode laser hp hair removal

Diode laser hp hair removal

Ar 75 Effimera diode laser HP

Its features make it suitable to use on all areas of the body, except around the eyes, for all skin typesalso prototypes V and VI and for each color of the hair, excluding white hair. The diode laser emits a high-power energy source on a large surface area, with a homogeneous beam profile to a wavelength of 808 nm which acts selectively on the hair follicle to an ideal release of light without loss of energy.

 Effimera laser

is able to pass through the skin and reach the pigments of the hair within the hair follicles, the resulting increase in temperature causes destruction of the germ cells of the bulb itself, thus achieving the effect of a hair removal progressively definitive (principle of selective photo hemolysis painless and noninvasive and the handful of high power laser, to make sure most safety and ease of use.

The sapphire crystal light guide of the dozens of transmitters led, generating a monochromatic beam, which reaches the glass of the spot has the size of 11 x 11 mm in this way the treatment performed at high-speed.

 The advanced system

of cooling of the crystal integrated in the hand piece allows to use with values of fluency professional! Thus preserving integrity of the skin and the risk of sunburn, achieving high performance results and comfortable for the customer.


24 hours before laser treatment avoid undergoing any treatment that can alter the normal skin condition, sauna and turkish bath, exfoliation, application of substances and creams without physiological pH.

Informação adicional

Peso 55 kg
Dimensões (C x L x A) 450 x 490 x 1240 cm



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