Tailored support service

Tailored support service

Tailored support services

Tailored support service

Advice and Guidance Benefits

A team of business is prepared to provide guidance and project management solutions for the introduction of new equipment our new project. Do your research as beauty salon, aesthetic center, hair salon, & Hotel. Let us gather to evaluate new treatment services for your business. Our services are also essential for the development and visualization of your business such as web design and graphic design, meeting to evaluate and plan the marketing and web service, social networks, a free advertising magazine, promotional materials, posters, advertising, Business cards, loyalty listing cards, pay-per-click advertising. Tailored support service

Effimera Business Services Support

Tailored support service; We help you and your business beauty spa.The team of experienced managers is available for advice and guidance and project management or acquisition of new aesthetic equipment for beauty spa or hotel & beauty center. We will meet to evaluate and discuss the needs of your business. Let us evaluate new services and treatments for your business, assess the need for new aesthetic equipment for your beauty spa or beauty center. We also provide graphic desig, web design, marketing and advertising, social media management, promotional advertising, business cards, loyalty cards, gift certificates, custom price list, pay per click advertising.

GB eCommerce Hosting Services

GB eCommerce and a partner who provide us with feasibility to build your website. The service is intended for the category as; beauty salons, beauty salon, spa and beauty, hotel, for individuals or professionals. We will also help you to distinguish the focus, and feel a need of your business! Support marketing and advertising, ecommerce website or blog and hosting! We will assist you in the management of your website if necessary, start-up, social media and management, search engine optimization management, step by step Google Yahoo Yahoo, SEO & email guide, email client account, Your Site – a step-by-step guide, Name your business website, host your website.

Tailored Support for Business (One Year)

Bella Online Shop Ltd and IT partners offer an unparalleled level of service and support to help deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our personal account manager is on hand to make sure you get a product information and treatment meeting to help you grow your wellness business, spas, salons, beauty salons, supplies Equipment We select the best companies and products available and tailored to your business needs. Effimera service: Start Up, business plan, after-sale product, evaluation meetings, training for aesthetics machines.

Effimera Beauty Wellness Spa Franchising Store

The Effimera group is on expansion. Effimera Beauty Wellness franchising store, NO ROYALTIES and FEE. With the affiliation to the brand effimera beauty wellness spa, we plan to market in a practical, effective and with continuous technological innovation. Market analysis customer requirements, management and marketing of the new opening center, promotion tools & devices and management are the foundation of our consolidated brand franchise.

Business Plan for beginners business

The GB eCommerce UK Business Plan Pack The quick pitch: executive summary and elevator pitch, All about you, What are you going to sell, Do you know what it’s like out there, How will you contact your customers, who are your competitors and how do you compare,How will customer get the goods and you get paid, how much will it cost, How much will it cost, How much money will you make, Business words explained

Tailored Support Services

Plan a project with us? Get a Quote

Business interview to learn more about the service. We will up in your business without any charge, book your schedule now.

Project Realizations for professional and private use of products and technological applications with quality, solidity and commercial performance. Renovation and innovation, using components and materials for public use, attention to detail and high quality finishes. professional